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  • The First EVER Dinner in the Sky Vancouver

    You've heard of Dîner En Blanc... and Ce Soir Noir... but just when you thought you'd seen it ALL... here comes: Dinner En merde sainte! i laissé tomber mon couteau! (That's Google Translate for "HOLY CRAP! I DROPPED MY KNIFE!") Read More
  • Yes MedSpa

    Have you ever wished for a little help to remove a couple of stubborn fat spots? You know you work out, eat right, but they are taking up permanent residence? I've recently discovered SculpSure at Yes MedSpa in Langley. Using heat, they kill the fat cells which you then eliminate naturally. 25 minutes on that stubborn spot can make the difference between having that annoying bulge, or your clothes fitting better. No meds, no surgery, and no down time...I'm so excited about this technology, I had to share it. If you want to see what it's all about Dr. Mosher at Yes MedSpa will be offering an information session, complete with demo on Thursday 5:30- 7:30 at the MedSpa 301-8837 201 St. Langley. Call to reserve a spot 604 888 9397.

    Read More
  • ¡Salud! ‘Hangover-Free Alcohol’ Could Be on the Way

    Drinking can come with some really uncomfortable consequences, but hangovers could soon be an issue of the past, according to this British researcher. He claims to have discovered a synthetic alcohol which allows drinkers to enjoy the sensation of being drunk without the negative side effects. Read More
  • Snapchat introduces video-recording glasses called 'Spectacles'

    Snapchat is introducing new video-recording glasses that it calls Spectacles, which can record 10 seconds of video at a time by tapping a button on them! Read More