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1K A Day! Your chance to win $1,000

Happy new year! We want to start your new year off with a bang! We're giving you $1000!

It's the 1 K A Day Giveaway on JRfm. Listen five times a day, Monday to Sunday at 7AM, 11AM, 2PM, 5PM & 7PM for the 1 K A Day word. When you hear the word enter it below. Each word you get is an entry for one thousand dollars!

Then, each morning at 8:10am, Monday to Friday, Clay & Karen will read out one name. That person will win the thousand dollars!

The words you enter on Friday, Saturday & Sunday will all count towards Monday mornings winner. We will not be selecting winners on Saturday or Sunday morning.

A thousand dollars would take care of that credit card bill nicely! Or maybe you want to escape this winter weather and sit on a beach in Mexico instead, that $1000 can help you get there!

Word Entry Form for Thursday, January 19

  • Each word is an entry into the contest and you DO NOT need all 5 each day to win.
  • You have until midnight each day to enter that day’s words. 
  • Spelling doesn't count, but try to be close.
  • Winners are drawn from the previous days entries.
  • You are welcome to return throughout the day (a maximum of 5 times a day) to enter in each word as you hear them.
  • Words entered earlier in the day will not appear when you add to your submission. Don't worry, we still have them!
  • Your word(s) will only be accepted when you click "Enter My Words". 

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