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  • World's FIRST Zombie proof house!

    While Zombie proofing your home may be a little excessive for Sunday's Walking Dead Finale... it would be a good way to make sure no one interrupts! Read More
  • Want to be a Country Music Star?

    The BC Country Music Association is teaming up with Music BC to present an artist development program specifically for BC Country artists! Read More

    4 songs. 1 Clip. Figure out the song names - then wait for the cue to call. If you get through as the 9th caller and you list them in order, you're going to Church!

    Read More
  • Tempo Tempo Tempo

    Tempo, tempo, tempo seems to be the theme of the week.  We added some great up-tempo, fun, light songs this week and what’s even better is that one of them is a completely new, unknown female singer who is just amazing.  The guys are great this week, too, but the lone lady add wins my top vote this week.  Hmmm.  I guess if you read this blog often, that’s not really a surprise.  Check them out.  Read More

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