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  • This is one KILLER Fort Mac Fundraiser

    It may not be all over the news still, but so much still needs to be done, and so many people need help to put their lives back together. Read More
  • Executive Fitness with Natalie Langston - 5 Minutes to a Better YOU!

    Sitting is the new smoking! The more you sit, the more your health will suffer. 
    We love to sit - in the car, at the desk, on the couch and at the game. New research shows that sitting and inactivity are linked to increased risks of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and depression. Stated simply, our bodies are designed to move. 
    I was reading my friend Dai Manuel’s new book “Whole Life Fitness Manifesto” that reminded me of a few interesting facts. According to a recent study that if we spent less than three hours a day sitting, our life expectancy would increase by two years. Furthermore, reducing TV time to less than two hours per day can increase your life expectancy by 1.4 years. That’s a total of 3.4 years more of your life just by not sitting so much. Does that not make you want to get up and move? Do it! 
    First off, if your job allows, I would recommend investing in a standing desk to prevent the sitting disease. Getting more exercise is a lot easier than you think. In addition to a standing desk, here is a 5 minute workout you can do near your desk or at the office, anytime. 
    What you’ll need: Optional 2 x 5-15 lbs weights depending on your preference. 
    Key Points: Keep your core engaged, posture upright, keep your elbows tucked into your sides whenever possible.   

    Start with 10-15 Squats. Squatting at your desk works your glutes, thighs and quads.

    Next while Squatting add in a Shoulder Press for an extra upper body workout.
    Try 8-12 reps with a 2x 5-15 lbs weights depending on your preference.  
    This exercise works your shoulder muscles, your legs and will get your heart rate up. 

    After the Shoulder Press bring weights down for a quick and easy arm workout. 
    First - 15 Bicep Curls with 2x 5-15 lbs weights depending on your preference.  
    Then - 15 Tricep Dips 
    Note: make sure you have a sturdy chair, one that doesn’t have wheels to prevent injury 
    4. AIR SKIPS
    Air Skips - Skipping without a rope. Do as many as you can in 30 seconds.  
    Jump slightly as you rotate your wrists as if you were twirling a skipping rope. 
    Air Skips work your calves, biceps and gets your heart rate up. 
    5. BURPEES 

    10 Burpees - Chest to Deck. 
    Drop your body to push up. Chest to the Read More
  • WATCH: Brad Paisley Strums The Headlines

    I love this fun jab at America’s obsession with transgender bathrooms: “Sit by your man, we're all just human beings. He’s just a human peeing" Read More
  • Korean Convenience Store is offering Hangover Cure Ice Cream

    What food do you reach for when you're hungover? Ginger? Greasy foods? Water? A convenience store chain in South Korea has launched an ice cream treat that it claims is the cure for a hangover. Read More

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