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  • The Chief does it right!

    Eric Church knows what a bummer it is to have your Saturday night plans ruined by a concert cancellation. So rather than pull the plug on his show in Salt Lake City after a stomach bug knocked out most of his band and crew, Eric gave the crowd something special then promised them more to come. Read More
  • Job Hunting

    Job hunting can be hard.Submitting countless resumes, cover letters, and applications, only to be back at the drawing board the following day. Sometimes you need to get creative! Think outside the box to make yourself stand out amongst everyone else. This guy had me at 'scratch'.... ‪#‎gottaloveagoodscratchandwin‬ ‪#‎evenifyoudon'twin‬ Read More
  • #QuestFor1000Listeners Toying With Our Emotions!

    Shauna knows The Waking Crew. She said we'd fit right in at Coquitlam's Mastermind Toys, though I don't think she was quite prepared for how loooooooooong we wanted to hang out when the #Quest finally arrived at their door. Read More
  • The #Questfor1000Listeners beefs up it's number(and cash prize) at Coquitlam Chrysler

    The #QuestFor1000Listeners is drawing to a close...we passed 1000 days ago but we continue to charge forward! Today we saw the awesome guys and gals at Coquitlam Chrysler! They even briefly let me pretend to be a salesperson. OK I pretended to be a salesperson until they noticed and stopped me... Thanks for having us guys! Read More