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  • Gloria's Hittin' the Road at the Tsawwassen Sun Parade

    Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for our girl Gloria at the Tsawwassen Sun Parade. Our gorgeous looking RAM and our equally gorgeous JRFM Street Team is going to to be flashing you their best smiles this upcoming Monday. Be sure to give us a wave and you'll get a grin and some JR swag in return. Read More
  • The Fun Finder's All Over the Place!

    The JRFM Fun Finder is all over the place this coming week so you have so many opportunities to come say hello! Read More
  • Identity Crisis

    It’s amazing how complicated our meetings have been lately.  I think it’s a sign of where the industry is right now.  We’re trying to figure out who we are as a genre, what sound will work for our musical conscience as well as for the business of our radio station.  There is no real line to walk right now as the entire industry eats itself, as it tends to do when Country becomes ‘too’ mainstream for the hardcore ‘Country only sounds one way’ set.  That said, we’re doing our best to make it all work and I think our choices this week reflect that. Read More
  • LISTEN: New Single from Blake Shelton - Gonna

    Blake is back with his next single off "Bringing Back The Sunshine". Read More

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