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  • Guests Make Things Interesting

    We had guests in this weeks meeting!  It’s a rare occurrence but one I think we should do more often.  It wasn’t great for speed, but it was definitely a new dimension.  We were able to re-add one of the Canadian songs we had to cut a few weeks ago in our Can-Con Cull… and a few other songs.  Check ‘em out!

    Cold Day Comin' - Jason Benoit

    At the request of Sony Music Canada, I will not be posting my review of this song.

    Whatcha Wanna Do About It – Madeline Merlo
    This is such a great song, and so reflective of Madeline.  So often artists struggle with who they are, what songs to record and release because they don’t really know who they are.  That has never been a problem for Maddie.   I mean, it’s always a challenge to do it all right, but she is so sure of who she is, that part is not a challenge for her.  She’s Maddie.  Step one, done.  I love the tone of her voice, how smooth it is and those teeny little vibrato moments mixed in with the strength.  And her phrasing fits the breathless mood of the song so perfectly.  This is just a fantastic first breath of love song, or a flirt song.  Great production.  Great vocal.  Great song.   “Couldn’t take my eyes off you even if I wanted to.  I got a feeling that you’re feeling like you want me to move… a little bit closer to you.”

    Backroad Song – Granger Smith
    At the request of Sony Music Canada, I will not be posting my review of this song.

    You Look Like I Need A Drink – Justin Moore
    Trevor is quite please that we decided to add this one.  He’s been trying to subliminally encourage us to add it for weeks.  I think it’s super easy to relate to.  We’ve all been greeted by someone who had that look on their face that told us that bad news was coming.  Justin has such a strong country vocal, and a rock guitar style to his music, that this will both fit in well and stand out well on JR.  I love it, but not as much as Trev.  “I could tell by the way you sounded when you called that I wasn’t gonna like what you had to say.”


    Songs Listened To But Not Added

    Petric - It Girl
    Tebey - Jealous Of The Sun
    Rivertown Saints - A Little Bit Goes A Long Way
    David James - Some Hearts
    Leah Daniels - Old Piano
    Aaron Goodvin - Knock On Wood
    Wes Mack - I Lost Count
    Chris Buck Band - Giddy Up
    Autumn Hill - Mix Tape
    Lindsay Ell - By The Way
    Genevieve Fisher - Wrong Tonight
    Jess Moskaluke - Take Me Home Read More
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