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  • The struggle is real

    When you work the overnight shift, or you just can't sleep in general.... sometimes ya gotta try everything and anything! ‪#‎heymacarena‬ Read More
  • Sweet dreams...

    Sweet dreams!? Nope! I'll probably never sleep again! Read More
  • Too Much Choice

    It always feels good to add a bunch of new music to the station… but it’s also a little nerve-wracking.  Songs that are completely new to our audience, even though we’ve probably heard them a few times in our meetings, are complete unknowns for us.  WE may think they’re awesome, and believe that our listeners will love them, but we know that our choices can’t always be 100% correct.  That’s the great, and not so great, thing about music.  It’s subjective and everyone feels differently about every song.  It can cause some definite discussion in our meetings when two of us have polar opposite reactions to a song. Luckily, there’s more than just two of us to make the decision.  The songs this week were the absolute best of the best, although our list looked different many times before the end of the meeting.  There is a tonne of incredible music out there right now.  Hopefully we’ll get to it all eventually.  Here are our picks this week… Read More
  • Your next goal: Become a Pinata!

    In case you wanted something truly unique and “wow” for the next celebration you’re throwing for someone special. Read More

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