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  • What Country Star Are You?

    Not only is this a good quiz to see what country star you would be, but a clear choice of who your best friend would be. Read More
  • Justin Timberlake Has Friends in Nashville Places

    Justin Timberlake has taken to covering "Friends In Low Places" at some recent southern US shows recently, but he out-did himself Friday night at Nashville's Bridgestone Arena. Check out the video as Garth Brooks himself joins JT onstage... Read More
  • The 12 Days of Clay's Christmas iPod: Day 8 - Donde Esta Santa Claus?

    Wikipedia (whom I have no reason to disbelieve) says the original was a novelty holiday hit sung by a 12 year old named Augie Rios in 1959. I first heard it in 2011, in this version by Guster. Slightly loopy, oddly nostalgic and loads o' fun. Read More
  • Christmas and your favorite pets

    The holidays are a time of year where family and friends come together and sometimes even animals… The question is, how far do you go to involve them in your holiday celebrations? For some, it’s minimal, maybe the leftovers at dinner, or an extra treat on that special day BUT for others… it’s everything! From stockings, to holiday outfits, gifts under the tree to even a seat at the dinner table. Yes, a seat at the dinner table…If you have a dog, a cat, or even a hamster for that matter, how far do you go to involve them in your holiday celebrations? Read More