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    A company called Say It With Beef has created bouquets of "flowers" made with beef jerky called "Broquets" Read More
  • B.C. nearly doubles annual record for overdose deaths in 2016

    It hasn't been this bad since 1993...In fact, it's worse. Read More
  • 5 Tips to Never Overspend Again ** Contest Post**

    For many of us, 2016 was a zinger, giving our credit cards a major workout. Splurging on this year’s hottest tech toy’s (my godson just had to have) or overspending on the perfect stylish gift for your sister, because hey she deserved it, after all. The look on their faces when they open up their gifts made it all worth it, or that’s what we keep telling ourselves when the bills start coming in, right about now. We went above and beyond to provide a memorable holiday season with our family. But it’s not fun when we are faced with the harsh realities of holiday overspending. And while I know a lot of us are inclined to just ignore those bills and hide under the covers, me included, experts say now is the time to actively pay down your debt rather than let it spin out of control. Read More
  • Driverless FLYING Cars Could Soon Be A Thing

    Driverless cars are so 2016. Plans are honestly underway for driverless FLYING taxis. Read More