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  • One Minute of Exercise Might Be All You Need to Get in Shape

    A new study has good news for people who don't have the time or the motivation to exercise regularly, finding that one minute of intense exercise is as good as 45 minutes of moderate exercise. Researchers at Canada's McMaster University found over their three-month study that 60 seconds of strenuous exercise like sprints, was as successful at boosting health and fitness as 45 minutes of an easier workout, with neither better than the other. Read More
  • 2 Year Old Boy Survives Night Alone in BC Wilderness

    He's fine...And he has a great story to tell his stuffed animals! Read More
  • Release Parties Everywhere

    Back in December, during JR’s Basics for Babies FUNdraising Day at Langley Events Centre, I was walking Chad Brownlee through the bowels of the building to the live broadcast tent so he could do a quick interview.  We were chatting about stuff and, not surprisingly, his new music came up.  He told me he was really excited was about this new stuff, that he felt it was the best music he’s ever made and he couldn’t wait for me to hear the whole EP.  He was so excited about it he caught me off guard.  I hadn’t ever seen him quite that emphatic about anything.  Chad’s usually a pretty chilled out guy, so for him to be this excited, I figured big things were coming our way.  I was right.  His new single, “I Hate You For It”, is fantastic and just happens to be our only add this week.  Add to that single the rest of the EP which was released today, and he has every right to be excited.  It’s excellent.  It is 100% Chad Brownlee.  In some songs he wails.  In others, he rocks out.  In others, he’s flirtatious and charming.  It’s worth every second and every penny. Read More
  • Air on eBay for $15,000 dollars....

    Is this for real?? Ya, ya it is. Read More

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