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    Car dancing, Glitter, Bubble machines, Champagne, UFC and High heels. That pretty much sums Barbara up. Oh and scouring the Internets for stories and pictures and that amuse her. If you're having a bad day, Liz Taylor said it best: Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together.
  • Weekdays 2:00pm - 6:00pm
    Docc Andrews…a friend, a foe, a weirdo. Noah was allowed to bring 2 of every animal but only 1 Docc Andrews. And a very unique animal, he most certainly is. Sleepy in the morning, aggressive in the afternoon. Thick eyebrows and a powerful jawline. His handshakes come with meaningful eye contact, his hugs come with steaming bowls of satisfaction soup. He supports the troops. He is the love-child that Bruce Springsteen never knew he had. He swims in fire and feels no pain. He brushes his teeth wit
  • Weekdays 6:00pm - 12:00am
    jaXon Hawks is a lover of cocktails and hater of all things blueberry. He's been married once and dumped by text 3 times. He goes to karaoke, but doesn't sing, and often points out buildings that would be perfect to hold up in during the zombie apocalypse.
  • Weekends
    An avid concert go'er, with an addiction to 5 cent candies but a mouth full of cavity-free teeth. When she's not cramming for her next exam, she's exploring new music or packing a bag for her next destination. Kristen's obsession with Disney should not be taken lightly, and a recurring dream of hers is to one day be making choreographed dance routines with her future husband Zac Efron.
  • Weekends
    Graeme was born and raised in North Vancouver. He is an ex hockey player, a terrible golfer, a sports fan, an avid music fan and concert goer, and a competitive Netflix marathoner. Seriously, he's medalled in it, if you need a new show to watch he's your guy. He spent 9 years of his life in post secondary school so in a way he is a lot like Van Wilder...just not nearly as handsome or charming. He loves really cute things like puppies and babies, but he also loves manly things like draught beer a
  • Weekday Traffic
    Nicole was born and raised in Vancouver and absolutely loves the city she calls home! A natural story teller, Nicole is rarely at a loss for words, in fact most days you can find her chatting it up with … well pretty much anyone that will listen. Nicole should also mention her obsession with fine cheese, early morning lattes and anything that hints of reality TV.
  • The JRfm FunFinder
    Kelly is the JRfm Funfinder! She's always dancing or singing along with any song on the radio. A coffee addict by choice + can't get enough of bags or shoes. Oh, and the best #instagram filter has to be 'Aden.'