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Docc Andrews


Docc Andrews…a friend, a foe, a weirdo. Noah was allowed to bring 2 of every animal but only 1 Docc Andrews. And a very unique animal, he most certainly is. Sleepy in the morning, aggressive in the afternoon. Thick eyebrows and a powerful jawline. His handshakes come with meaningful eye contact, his hugs come with steaming bowls of satisfaction soup. He supports the troops. He is the love-child that Bruce Springsteen never knew he had. He swims in fire and feels no pain. He brushes his teeth with a lobster claw. He is married to Erin, a school teacher with a heart the size of a bowling ball. His Dad is friends with Meatloaf. He rises to the daily challenges that face us here in this seaside city of Vancouver BC. Weekdays 2-6 on JRFM. -Justin Trudeau (Probably...)

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