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An avid concert go'er, with an addiction to 5 cent candies but a mouth full of cavity-free teeth. When she's not cramming for her next exam, she's exploring new music or packing a bag for her next destination. Kristen's obsession with Disney should not be taken lightly, and a recurring dream of hers is to one day be making choreographed dance routines with her future husband Zac Efron.

What's New

  • Miranda Lambert Announces BIG Surprise With New Album

    We can always rely on Miranda for the shock, and awe factor. Of course, she did that when she announced that her new album "The Weight Of these Wings" will be a DOUBLE album. 1 story, 2 discs. The first disc will be titled "The Nerve" and the second disc will be titled "The Heart". This is Miranda's sixth studio album, and will include 24 new songs for you to jam out too. Read More
  • Giving Blood For My First Time

    So, as you probably gathered from the title, I have never been brave enough to donate blood. Don't get me wrong, I've always wanted to, but I have constantly made excuses why I can't. So, the time has come where I'm taking a step out of my comfort zone and donating blood. Read More
  • Instagram is Adding Stories Just Like Snapchat

    The beauty of Snapchat is the idea that once you post something, it's gone forever (before they added the memories feature). Now, Instagram is stealing that idea, and implementing it as early as today. Read More
  • Florida Georgia Line Teams Up with What Boy Band In Up Coming Album?

    Well, this was unexpected but you never know, maybe it will be absolute magic. Florida Georgia Line is recording with Backstreet Boys for their new album set to release in August. Read More