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Let me introduce you to our next homegrown superstar.  But first, let's make a deal.  We'll give you this incredible talent and you give her your undying support.  She has ours but that's not enough.   She needs you, too.  She's female.  She's Country.  She's Canadian.  Three things that will make her road tougher than it should be.  So, do you trust us?  Do we have a deal?

Sinking Like A Stone - Madeline Merlo

Meet Madeline Merlo.  She's a 19 year old from Maple Ridge.  She's been singing her whole life, writing music and performing for almost as long.  You may have seen her in Surrey at the JRfm Basics for Babies Free Show opening for Tim Hicks.  Or maybe at the Basics for Babies Fundraising Day in December at Langley Events Centre.  Or maybe at a local cafe, singing to anyone who would listen.  If you did, we're pretty sure you're already on board the Madeline train.  If not, you can see her opening for Dean Brody on February 22 at Abbotsford Entertainment and Sports Centre.  Then, hop aboard.

Madeline's voice is unique and comfortable and strangely familiar.  She's adorable, but you've already seen her picture, so that goes without saying and really, it's the least important thing about her.  Her energy is undeniably positive.  She is poised beyond her years and confidently humble.  I can tell you all of this because I have met her, spent some time with her (and her mom!) and feel like what I've seen is real.  There's something about her that not a lot of others have.  I think she's the real thing and I am not alone.  I first met her in the JRfm Fan Jam Lounge.  She came in and did three songs, including this one, for our staff.  She also did a cover of Ring of Fire. She had me at "Love is a burning thing".  Not one of us walked out of that room feeling empty that day.

Sinking Like a Stone is the first single off her debut album, which is not yet available.  We, in the JRfm Music Department, have been hearing it for months now.  It was in my head for weeks after I heard it the first time.  It's bright, smart, clean, interesting, intricate but so easy to listen to.  The instrumentation perfectly complements her stripped down vocal.  I love that ukelele!  I love that I can hear every note, every nuance in her delivery. 

I am so proud of her.  Please, if you value my opinion in the least, give this girl a shot.  Request her songs. Tell all your friends.  Check her out online at  Share her youtube videos.  You will personally have a hand in the making of the next Canadian Superstar.  "I want my heart back.  Get outta my head.  You're treading water and I'm going down slowly.  I want my heart back.  Get outta my head."