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Win a tattoo removal from Beautiful Canadian Laser & Skincare!

Do you have a tattoo that you regret? Is you ex's name tattoo-ed somewhere on your body? Maybe you made a mistake this New year's Eve and got a tattoo of your favourite cartoon character? Well JRfm and Beautiful Canadian Laser & Skincare wants to see it and help you!

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Vote now on who you think deserves a tattoo removal from Beautiful Canadian Laser & SkincareOn January 22 at 11:59PM, the tattoo with the most votes will win! Get your friends and family to vote for YOUR ugly tattoo! 

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Getting a tattoo was easy but now you really don’t want it?

Tattoos can be done by professional artists or amateurs. A variety of inks are used by tattoo artists and in varying depths into the skin. They can look amazing when you are younger but can also fade over time and look not quite as appealing as they did when you first got them. Tattoo removal has come a long way from olden days when people tried to scrub it off.

Tattoos have been much easier to put on than to take off. Tattoos have been removed in the past by surgery, abrasives and so on. All these treatments leave significant scars. The best form of treatment for Tattoos is Laser. The current laser technology is so advanced that there is a 95% chance that your tattoo will be removed scar free.

Visit Beautiful Canadian Laser & Skincare at
101-13805 104 Avenue
Surrey, BC   V3T 1W7

All treatments are either performed by Dr. Shah on site at our skin care centre, or closely supervised by him. Our staff has been highly trained and continues to receive cosmetic training on a regular basis to ensure high quality of service. Please bear in mind that medical lasers can be bought by non medical people and whilst they receive some training on operating the laser they do not have the medical knowledge to deal with any medical problems that may arise such as burning, discolouration and so on. Lasers are powerful machines that should be operated with care


How many treatments will I need?
The number of treatments depends upon the size and colour of tattoo as well as age and whether it was professional or amateur.Newer tattoos and professional tattoos take longer to remove. In general, you may need anywhere from 3 to 6 treatments spaced about a month apart. We use local anesthetic to avoid discomfort during the procedure and will give you instructions on aftercare

How many tattoo removal treatments have you done?
At BC Laser and Skincare in Surrey, greater Vancouver, we have performed thousands of Tattoo Removal treatments for men and women.


Contest Fine Print

The prize is $2,500 worth of treatment. You must be 18 or over to win ( if under 18 then they would need parental approval). Winner will be required to have a consultation first with our doctor to determine suitability. Winner will also be subject to have a video taken of the treatment, create a review and also have before and after photos taken.