Clay and Karen’s Uber-Luke Night! Clay, Karen and Graeme are pretty excited to see Luke Bryan at BC Place this Saturday, October 13th

 Do you want to go to the show? Do you need a ride? Are you a good singer?

Here’s the deal:

If you and your friend want tickets to see Luke Bryan at BC Place and need a ride to & from the Luke Bryan concert we’ve got you covered.

Clay, Karen and Graeme will come to your house and pick you up in Chuck, our Ram 1500 Sport truck and drive you to the show. Of course you’re going to need to get PUMPED up for the show, so you’ll be singing with the morning show the whole way to the show.. which will most likely end up on social media. They’ll also take you through a drive through, cause you need to eat before a show.

Tell Clay, Karen and Graeme why you’d be the best passenger and win a free ride to and *from the concert, a drive thru dinner, a pair of tickets to the Luke Bryan show at BC Place and an experience you’ll never forget!

*A JRfm Street Team member will drive you home